Sky Q is here as the Netflix-style 4K future of Sky TV

Sky has announced one of its most major advancements in the history of the company, Sky Q...

The Incredible Hulk!What is behind him?

Jack Kirby was a witness when a woman...

This insane 85-metre yacht costs £130 million

At 85 meters (278 feet) in length and weighing over 2,900 tons...

Toys R Us at 30: Three decades of top toys

Britain’s biggest toy megastores is celebrating its 30th anniversary – after selling a staggering 3 billion toys to 360 million customers...

Incorrectly flow information for BMW's most powerful car ever

BMW wrongly issued on its website pictures of sports model Seria 7...

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Daniel Craig soon for Strictly Come Dancing?

'Strictly Come Dancing' bosses are reportedly keen to sign Daniel Craig to next year's celebrity line-up.
The producers are desperate to secure the 'James Bond' hunk for the next series of the BBC One ballroom and latin programme, which will hit screens next September, as they believe his fancy footwork will heat up the competition.

And the 47-year-old actor will no doubt be one of the front runners as he previously learnt to jive in 2003 when he played Ted Hughes opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in 'Sylvia.'
Celebrity choreographer Jack Murphy, who taught him how to dance for the film, told the Radio Times magazine at the time: "I was nervous because he's an actor I hold in high esteem, but he was a fine dancer! And the 47-year-old actor will no doubt be one of the front runners as he previously learnt to jive in 2003 when he played Ted Hughes opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in 'Sylvia.'

Sunday, 27 December 2015

A spectacular photo

A spectacular new photo of Earth from space recalls the most famous images of our planet ever taken.
The photo, which was captured by NASA's robotic Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), shows a sunlit Earth looming above a rumpled moonscape banded with shadow.
"The image is simply stunning," Noah Petro, deputy project scientist for LRO at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, said in a statement. "The image of the Earth evokes the famous 'Blue Marble' image taken by astronaut Harrison Schmitt during Apollo 17, 43 years ago, which also showed Africa prominently in the picture."
The shot is a sort of combination of the Blue Marble photo and an earlier "Earthrise" image, which was taken by the Apollo 8 crew — the first people ever to leave Earth orbit — as they entered orbit around the moon on Dec. 24, 1968.

Pluto gets rainbow

It's clear that the New Horizons probe still has a few surprises up its sleeve. NASA has posted both a photo and a video showing how the spacecraft can produce vibrant colors from the seemingly drab-looking dwarf planet. The key is New Horizons' infrared spectrometer. And when researchers plug the results into visible color channels, the result is the almost festive mix of red and green (with hints of blue) that you see.
These images aren't just meant as art, of course. Infrared scans were crucial to confirming the presence of water ice on Pluto.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Image of the day



Cape Canaveral, Fla.

The first stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket returns to land in a time exposure at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on December 21.

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3 Interesting Curiosities About The World That Will Blow Your Mind.

DEFORESTATION.About 22% of the earth's original forest coverage remains.Western Europe has lost or so of its primary forests: Asia 94%,Africa 92%,Oceania 78%,North America 66% and south America 54%.Approcimately 45% of the world's tropical forests,originally covering 1.4 billion hectares, have disappeared in the last few decades.

THE WORLD'S LONGEST JOURNEY.The Trans-Siberian Railway offers the world's longest train journey.It takes about 7 days to travel the 5580 miles or 9000 km between Moscow and Vladivostok.

POWER OF  AMAZON RIVER.The Amazon River pushes so much water into the Atlantic Ocean that, more than one hundred miles at sea off the mouth of the river, one can dip fresh water out of the ocean.

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Friday, 25 December 2015

The evolution of man's face over the course of 6 million years.It is amaizing :)


How to Clean Up Your Cluttered Facebook Messages

Facebook's Messenger app is easy to use, but your messages can still get unruly if you're not diligent. Digging through an overflowing Messenger inbox can be as daunting as sifting through dozens of unread emails.
Luckily, Facebook offers plenty of tools to help manage the clutter. Here are some tips to help you cut through the stream of messages to find the ones that are truly important.
Start by deleting old message threads.
There are some cases where you might want to erase a message immediately after the conversation is finished, especially if it's about a personal matter. Here's how to do it.

On the iPhone:
To delete a single message thread in Facebook's Messenger app for the iPhone, find the message you'd like to delete and swipe it from the right to the left of the screen. Then tap the "Delete" button if you'd like to erase it, the "Mute" button if you'd like to keep the thread but stop all notifications for it, or the "More" button to archive it, mark it as spam, or mark it as read.
On the desktop:
Simply open the conversation you'd like to erase and tap the settings icon to access those same options.
On Android:
To delete a message thread on Android, find the conversation you'd like to delete from the list, press and hold down on it, and select the "Delete" option. There are also a handful of other useful actions in this list, such as "Archive," "Mark as Spam," "Leave Group," "Mute Notifications," "Mark as Read," and "Pin Group."


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Incorrectly flow information for BMW's most powerful car ever

BMW wrongly issued on its website pictures of sports model Seria 7.

Despite competition from the Mercedes AMG division, BMW has never managed to produce a worthy M7 that will compete with models S63 and S65. Finally it seems that BMW has taken seriously and is preparing to bring its V12 masterpiece.Someone made a mistake and
adopted this model on the German BMW web page.
Model will be a M760Li sports series M. This model will have standard sports package V12 M engine which in all likelihood,will produce more than 600 hp. With this BMW will approach S65 which has 621 hp.

The price of this model is not confirmed but is expected to be around 153,000 USD, much less than the price of the S65 which is 180,000 USD.

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Messi to F.C. Internazionale Milano?????????????????

Inter owner Erick Thohir says he would jump at the chance to sign Lionel Messi should he ever opt to leave Barcelona.
Messi has admitted in the past that he would like to finish his career at boyhood club Newell's Old Boys but Thohir says Inter would not pass up the chance to make such a stellar signing should the opportunity arise as he aims to take the club back to the elite of European football.
"Messi to Inter? Why not! When he finishes his contract with Barcelona, he'd be a great signing," he said.
"You know our intention: We want to take Inter to the place we deserve.
"We're first in the standings after 17 games. We're a solid team, with a great desire to win.
"We're building a young, strong team, with the guidance of Roberto Mancini, to compete with the best clubs in the world."


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Picture of the day!!!

This picture is taken at the perfect time.

Sony is developing new kind of battery

Sony has announced that it is currently developing an entirely new kind of battery that could have a capacity 40% higher than existing modelsWhile smartphones have grown in size and power in recent years, similarly huge leaps in battery technology haven't followed.Battery technology has generally moved fairly slowly, but there are some breakthroughs happening
Sony's new battery will use a sulfur compound as an electrode material, increasing their energy density by volume from 650Wh/l to 1000Wh/l.
This essentially means that when compared to a traditional battery of the same size, the new battery will be able to last 40% longer.
 Sony is aiming to make the batteries commercially available by 2020, so it might take a few more years until they actually make it into your phone.

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Star Wars: 'The Force Awakens’. The Records It Broke

The film, with a $200 million budget and millions more spent on marketing, gave a big profit for the Walt Disney Company, which had already plunked down $4 billion for rights to the Skywalker clan.
 Now it is paid off.

Some of the records “The Force Awakens”

First film to post single-day gross over $100 million
-Fastest film to $100 million and $200 million
(Previous record holder: “Jurassic World” on both counts)
-Biggest December debut
(Previous record: “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” with $84.6 million)
-Highest per-theater average for a wide release with $57,568
(Previous record: “Jurassic World” with $48,855)
-Biggest opening weekend of all time in U.K., Russia, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Iceland, Serbia and New Zealand)
-Most pre-sales with over $100 million
(Previous record: “The Dark Knight Rises” with $25 million)
-Best Friday gross with $120.5 million
(Previous record: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” with $91.1 million)
-Third best Saturday gross with $68.7 million
(Record holders: “Jurassic World” with $69.6 and “Marvel’s The Avengers” with $69.5 million)
-Best opening for a “Star Wars” film
(Previous record: “Revenge of the Sith” with $108.4 million) 

Sunday, 20 December 2015

What happens to your body after a Big Mac ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all enjoy the odd McDonald’s every now and then – we know it’s bad for us, but what does it actually do to our bodies?
Fast Food Menu Price, a website devoted to all the biggest chain restaurants, has produced this infographic that claims to show what a Big Mac does to your body within one hour of eating.
The infographic says that after 30 minutes, when the high amount of salt hits your body, making you think you’re still hungry:
It’s easy for dehydration to trick you into thinking you need to go back for a new round. Too much intake of sodium makes it hard for your kidneys to eliminate salt. This aggravates the situation: the sodium overdose makes your heart work faster in order to pump blood through your veins.
And after 40 minutes, when your blood sugar is all over the place, yet you’re STILL feeling hungry:
The first time you consume a high calorie meal, your insulin response can bring down your glucose levels, making you want to eat more. The high fructose corn syrup in the Big Mac bun is quickly absorbed by the GI tract, causing insulin spikes and even bigger hunger pangs.
So is this the explanation for the “I ate so much, but I’m still hungry!” feelings we often get after having fast food? McDonald’s says no.

We have removed all artificial trans-fat from our menu, the iconic Big Mac contains no artificial colours or flavours, and the bun [in the UK] does not contain high fructose corn syrup.
(It does, however, contain 2.3g of salt, or 38% of your daily intake – so it’s bad, but McDonald’s says it’s not as bad as the infographic suggests.)
As always, eat your Big Macs in moderation.

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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The draw of EURO 2016

Hey, today is the draw of EURO 2016.The draw gets under way at 17:00 GMT today - 18:00 local time in Paris where it takes place.Enjoy the show
Although expect a bit of pomp and circumstance at the ceremony - the first balls are not likely to be drawn until 17:15 at the earliest.

The 24 teams will be drawn into six groups of four teams each. The finals will start on Friday 10 June 2016, with the showpiece taking place at Stade de France on Sunday 10 July

The draw is being screened on BBC2, plus Sky Sports News and will also be streamed on the UEFA website.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Worst Movies of 2015?Write your opinion.

In addition to making one of the most questionable casting choices of the year, Cameron Crowe abandoned structural integrity when making this film. The dialogue is really awkward.

 AREA 51
It took Oren Peli something like a decade to finish what turned out to be a really bad ripoff of his own "Paranormal Activity." But with aliens. Barely.
- Drew McWeeny

 Bound to Vengeance
This played at Sundance under the title "Reversal,", but whatever it's called, it is a vile, ugly slice of violence against women disguised as an empowerment tale.

By the sea
Turns out that simmering cinematography, an exotic locale, and megawatt star power aren't enough to make a film watchable.

 Like herpes, this series is never going away.
- Drew McWeeny

Picture source: Are taken from Warner Bros. Pictures,Universal Pictures,Paramount,Sony Pictures,IFC Midnight

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

SPORT.....Alex Ferguson about Juergen Klopp

"I'm worried about him because the one thing United don't want is Liverpool to get above us," said Ferguson, the most successful manager in Premier League history.
"I know him quite well from the coaching seminars. He's going to make a difference at that club with his personality, drive and knowledge.

The strategist, 48-year-old german has made an impressive start, with the team winning seven of his first 12 games in all competitions.
Liverpool are seventh in the Premier League, six points behind fourth-placed United and nine behind leaders Leicester City.

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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Mount Etna volcano

After 2 years, wakes volcano in mount Etna in Sicily. 5 images combined in a single have created this super views.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Florentino Perez decides about Real Madrid future

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has backed coach Rafa Benitez again, saying that he is doing a good job. Rafa Benitez was placed under criticism after losing 4: 0 against Barcelona, but Florentino Perez has reiterated that he supports the Spanish coach, while Zinedine Zidane has also mentioned, as the future coach if Benitez continues with no good results. "I love Zidane as a coach and player.I think he would be a very good coach, but now we have a good coach and I think he was doing a good job. This club is an example to all, and will remain so ,until I am president, "said Perez.