Copyright Policy

Starting today at 30/11/2015 we are going to respect copyright policies (sorry for some of our few older posts).GoSpeedinfo, is very serious about copyright infringement now. We respect copyright policies of other sites and we expect you to do the same thing here.

Every picture that is not ours will be properly credited with the author’s name or webpage. The same thing is going to happen with the information we collect, nevertheless the biggest part of posts we publish are written by us.

You can use our pictures for as long as you properly credit them. If we have accidentally used any of your copyrighted images and you want us to take it down, or if we have credited the wrong person, please contact us immediately-it is really important to us not to harm anyone’s business or webpage.

You can contact us using 2 ways

  1. Sending an email:
  2. Or click here